Music for moods

So It’s July and I’ve had plenty of time to laze around listening to music and have compiled a short (rather diverse) list of songs that fit certain moods- artist/s first. I hope you enjoy 🙂

1. I want to wrap up in a warm blanket with a hot chocolate…

-Ben Howard, ‘Promise’

2. Feeling nostalgic…

-Tom Rosenthal, ‘Go Solo’

3. On the verge of tears…

-Bon Iver, ‘Holocene’ or Elliot Smith, ‘Between The Bars’

4. Thinking deeply…

-Petit Biscuit, ‘You’

5. Ready to dance to something catchy…

-Dua Lipa, ‘New Rules’

6. Happiness…

-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, ‘Home’

7. Kinda angry…

-Cold War Kids, ‘First’



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